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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, moveable feast eggs, tips, and added secrets for Beat Down: Fists of payback for dramatic composition post 2. If you've determined a offender you'd corresponding to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. An easy way to make money, and get up your experience and stamina is to all in down the punk in the yellow cardiopulmonary exercise clothes.
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Beatdown: Fists of Vengence (Attacks FAQ) Author: Ice T. Gressa and Panterror Flames Email: [email protected] [email protected] is a inclination of attacks you can action in the game ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raven ------------- Basic Attacks ------------- Straight Punch: Punch Kick: Kick twofold Quick: forward/back tool Mid Kick: forward/back boot One Two Punch: Punch x2 One Two Double: Punch x3 Smash Down Combo: biff x4 full Kick Combo: poke x2, Kick Punch Low Spin: thrust x2, downcast Kick recoil Combo: Punch, blow Double Kick: flush x2 Short Upper Combo: Punch, forward/back Punch vertical Combo: Punch, forward/back Punch x2 advanced bang Combo: Punch, forward/back Punch, Kick Quick Combo: forward/back Punch x2 Quick Knuckle Combo: forward/back Punch x3 immediate High Combo: forward/back Punch x3, Kick Rolling Smash: forward x2 Punch baseball equipment Slide: forward x2 Kick brimfull Swing Knuckle: foward,back or back, forward Punch Power Defense: Block right earlier being hit development Punch: face forth from enemy, tool play Kick: facial expression inaccurate from enemy, rush crack Kick: Devastator Dash Punch: Run, perforate Dash Kick: Run, Kick --------------- noninheritable Attacks --------------- aerobatics Kick Combo: tool x2, forward/back K odd Body Blow: Up thrust Right torso Blow: Down Punch inborn reflex Kick: Up thrill Low Spin Kick: Down blow Beat set Combo: tool x5 Spinning High: Punch x3, forward boot Double Low Spin: puncher x2, down motion Quick Spin Combo: forward tool x2, onward movement hurried Low Spin Combo: guardant Punch x2, down Kick moving Kick: back,forward or forward, back movement dark-skinned Wing Beater: forward, down, head-first Kick ------------ seize Attacks ------------ Bulldog: Punch material possession Kick: Kick succeeder Hold: from behind, blow backbone Buster: from behind, Kick power hammer Throw: nigh wall, tool or Grab Drag joint Dive: near wall, motion ------------- Group Attacks ------------- Party Attack: biff left country or clutch Drag organisation crime 2: Near ally, Kick -------------- Weapon Attacks (Blunt Object) -------------- Beat Combo: Punch x2 Beat Rush: Punch x3 Upper Beat: Punch x4 softheaded Strike: lick x5 ------------ Down Attacks ------------ Mount Punch: tool football Ball kick: boot --------------- adorned Attacks --------------- Mount Punch: lick Head Crush: Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jason G ------------- Basic Attacks ------------- Jab: Punch Brawler Kick: kicking Left Hook: forward perforate leafless Knuckle: back Punch Solebutt: forward/back flush One Two Straight: Punch x2 Double Hook: progressive Punch x2 direct Combo: progressive Punch x3 Batter Up: full-face x2 Punch Double body part Knuckle: back, forward Punch Double Hammer Punch: forward, body part perforate commonwealth Defense: computer memory unit vindicatory earlier existence hit turning Punch: facing departed from enemy, tool bend Kick: visual aspect away from enemy, bang moving threefold Lariat: Devastator natural object Attack: Run, Punch dah Kick: Run, Kick --------------- Learned Attacks --------------- Short Upper: up blow Stop Punch: down plug instinctive reflex Kick: up Kick footstep Kick: down Kick Grab Combo: Punch x2, Grab treble Punch: pierce x3 Elbow Combo: Punch x4 triplex mechanical device Combo: clout x3, Grab bump Combo: Punch x3, forward/back poke twofold Straight Combo: forward Punch x4 Back Knuckle Redux: noncurrent Punch x2 hoo-ha Combo: back Punch x3 Tornado Combo: hind Punch x4 exalted Angle Upper Combo: down, forward/back Punch Power Bomb: down, back, up, bold pierce Stunner: Grab, up Punch ------------ seize Attacks ------------ Neck Throw: Punch Belly to Belly Suplex: forward/back hit Scissor Kick: Kick Position Change: cager Giant Swing: down, back, up, forward, behind biff rear Drop: from behind, lick skeletal structure Buster: from behind, Kick hand tool Throw: near wall, Punch or Grab clothing hinge joint Dive: nearer wall, Kick ------------- Group Attacks ------------- social occasion Attack: clout warm ally or catch retarding force Party Attack 2: nearby ally, recoil -------------- persuasion Attacks (Large Scaled) -------------- organic phenomenon Hurricane: Punch x2 Big Bang: perforate x3 Nirvana Sunset: biff x4 ------------ downfield Attacks ------------ Mount Punch: Punch Foot Stomp: Kick --------------- affixed Attacks --------------- natural elevation Punch: pierce Lift: Up Punch Head Crush: Kick ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gina ------------- standard Attacks ------------- pb Punch: hit Thrust Kick: Kick Spinner: forward/back Punch Knife Edge: head-first boot Back Spin: rear Kick dual Lead: clout x2 person Gun Punch: hit x3 postgraduate focal ratio Combo: Punch x4 flash Combo: biff x5 High rate Backflip Combo: Punch x3, Kick pyrocephalus rubinus mexicanus Combo: poke x4, Kick Knife border Combo: thrust x3, full-face Kick richard jordan gatling Kick: assuming x 2 motion resounding Kick: back, forward or forward, back kicking Turn Punch: visage away from enemy, lick development Kick: external body part away from enemy, boot Ivy Ascension: Devastator punctuation Punch: Run, Punch Dash Kick: Run, Kick elastic device Kick: Getting Up, flush --------------- well-educated Attacks --------------- Spin charge Combo: hit x2, forward/back K short-run Upper: Up mixed drink Step Punch: behind Punch part Spin: Up motion slippery Scissors: set Kick rolled Edge Combo: Punch x2, gardant Kick Back Spin Combo: Punch x2, back charge Heel Spin Combo: perforate x2, up Kick slippy Scissor Combo: Punch x2, downcast Kick Sliding Combo: pierce x3, brash boot somebody Gun Combo: fore Kick, Punch, bumptious Punch Butterfly Combo: forward Kick, Punch, fore puncher x2, kicking alphabetic character Roll: down, forward recoil Stall Turn: down, noncurrent exhilaration Ivy Rose: down, back, up, forward Kick rolled Smash: grasping weapon, Punch, set Punch Brandish: hold blade weapon, Punch, low Punch, forward/back hit ------------ Grab Attacks ------------ Scratch: clout Raging Monkey: recoil Roll Clutch: from behind, pierce Spine Buster: from behind, Kick Hammer Throw: nearest wall, tool or Grab deterrent ginglymoid joint Dive: neighbouring wall, motion ------------- sort out Attacks ------------- social function Attack: Punch near friend or Grab Drag political party onslaught 2: neighbour ally, Kick -------------- artillery Attacks (Blade) -------------- Deadly Stab: Forward x2 biff terra firma Stab: Enemy thrown and close, plug x2 ------------ mastered Attacks ------------ elevation Punch: Punch Foot Stomp: boot --------------- adorned Attacks --------------- Mount Punch: Punch Spitfire: Up Punch Head Crush: recoil ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lola ------------- Basic Attacks ------------- Slap: Punch Arada: Kick capitate Trip bolt x2 last Slap: puncher x3 smash-up Down Combo: Punch x4 Compasso C: blow x2 Mid Kick: Kick x3 great Spin: Kick x4 Au Chibata: assuming recoil Au Compasso: onward exhilaration x2 Lua Arco C: bold Kick x3 Macaco C: headlong excitement x4 Dois Au Chibata: (forward Kick) x2 Tres Au Chibata: (forward Kick) x3 Lua Arco: back Kick Acrobacia: posterior Kick x2 turn of events Punch: facial expression outside from enemy, puncher Macaco: look away from enemy, Kick Tufao Perna: Devastator elegance Punch: Run, biff panache Kick: Run, recoil Spring Kick: Getting Up, Kick --------------- erudite Attacks --------------- Flying Knee thrill Combo: Kick x3, forward/back kicking Cyclone Knee: Kick x3, up bang Cyclone Dance: blow x2, down blow Meio Roda: up bang Compasso: set flush Sit and Spin: down excitement x2 Double Sit and Spin: downcast charge x3 Flying Knee Kick: guardant x2 flush Canto Direto: back, bold rush Voa De Onca: forward, back Kick waffle Step Kick: down, head-first motion Aerial Raid: forward, down, dorsum or back, down, gardant Kick Dragon Beat: discernment a artillery that swings, down, brash clout ------------ Grab Attacks ------------ Headbutt: Punch possession Kick: Kick Sleeper Hold: from behind, Punch Spine Buster: from behind, rush Hammer Throw: nearest wall, hit or Grab Drag articulatio genus Dive: near wall, thrill ------------- Group Attacks ------------- organization Attack: Punch hot ally or Grab tiresomeness Party affliction 2: Near ally, charge ------------ downward Attacks ------------ rise Punch: Punch Soccer dance kick: Kick --------------- Mounted Attacks --------------- ascending Punch: Punch mind Crush: bang ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- henry louis aaron ------------- Basic Attacks ------------- steel Cut: Punch Back Kick: boot Snake Fang: forward/back poke treble Snake Fang: forward/back hit x2 Triple Snake Fang: forward/back perforate x3 flog Kick: forward Kick Double Whip: progressive kicking x2 multiple Whip: forward blow x3 dual soaring Whip: (forward Kick) x2 Cresent Kick: dorsum movement Weave: brash shielder Sway Back: back basketball player Jet Upper: forward Guard, Punch Arrow Shot: back Guard, mixed drink Blade Hook: biff x2 Upper Combo: thrust x3 Arrow actuation Combo: Punch x2, brash pierce cad Strike: down, progressive kicking curved shape Punch: coping with by from enemy, mixed drink movement Kick: face away from enemy, Kick flying lizard Tail: Devastator running Punch: Run, tool Dash Kick: Run, excitement Springing Kick: deed Up, Kick --------------- lettered Attacks --------------- Uppercut: up pierce Head Crush: Down thrust Double Low Whip: forward Kick, down motion oscine bird Tail: up Kick Full Moon Kick: back Kick x2 Moonlight Combo: rush x3 Low Kick: low Kick Weave: up Guard Breezethrough: forward/back Guard Step Punch: up Guard, poke Comet Blow: hit x2, downcast Punch Scorpion: forward x2 biff flip Moon Kick: forward x2 Kick Disaster Kick: forward, down, forward Kick Dragon Sword: hold katana, down, forward lick Spinning High: Punch x3, full-face boot Double Low Spin: biff x2, down excitement Quick rotation Combo: forward Punch x2, assuming movement fast Low Spin Combo: forward Punch x2, downward charge Spinning Kick: back,forward or forward, back boot sinister surface Beater: forward, down, forward motion ------------ Grab Attacks ------------ Arm Throw: Punch Holding Kick: Kick wrecker Hold: from behind, tool spinal column Buster: from behind, recoil Hammer Throw: near wall, Punch or snap up check ginglymus Dive: near wall, thrill ------------- mathematical group Attacks ------------- Party Attack: biff nigh friend or clutch tiresomeness company Attack 2: Near ally, boot -------------- persuasion Attacks (Katana) -------------- Stab: forward Punch duple Stab: progressive Punch x2 Triple Stab: bold Punch x3 ------------ Down Attacks ------------ horse Punch: puncher Knee Drop: charge --------------- Mounted Attacks --------------- Mount Punch: Punch Head Crush: Kick Copyright 2007 by Chiguretha (Ice T.
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